15 Creative Ways to Wear Your Favorite Bandana

15 Creative Ways to Wear Your Favorite Bandana

15 Creative Ways to Wear Your Favorite Bandana

It’s no secret–90’s fashion is back, and it has been for a while now. From bucket hats to fanny packs to bandanas, the 90’s nostalgia is back in full swing. But keeping up with the new versions of old trends doesn’t require you to revamp your entire closet. Luckily, the 90’s was big on accessories, and nothing finished a look quite like the versatile bandana.

If you’re ready to take your beloved bandana from the 1990’s to the 2020’s, continue reading for our top 15 creative ways to wear your favorite bandana.

How to Wear A Bandana on Your Head

Creativity doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. The bandana’s most iconic use is as a head accessory, and that will probably never change. Check out these four fresh and creative ways to wear a bandana on your head.

  1. Updated 90’s Style

Image source: HerGamut.in

If you’re looking for something effortless that always makes a statement, you can’t go wrong with the classic 90’s kerchief look. Keep the look updated by swapping out the standard banana pattern for a bolder Jumbie Art Iris Bandana.

Image source: MoBetaGlass.com

  1. Thick Headband

Image source: HeadCurve.com

With just a few extra folds, your bandana can transform into a soft, thick headband. Not only does this look make a statement, but also this style keeps you cool. Customize the look further by adjusting the thickness of the bandana headband and the placement on your head. The options are truly limitless for this gender neutral style!

  1. Tie onto a Ponytail

Image source: PureBeautyLoungeQC.com

Combine two classic looks to create an elevated updo. With almost no effort, you can impress everyone with this chic look. Simply tie your favorite bandana onto a low, loose ponytail and you have a comfortable fashion statement.

  1. Incorporate Your Bandana into a Half-Up Bun

Image source: AlexGaboury.com

If you’re ready to take your bandana headwear to the next level, give this fun half-up bun a try. While the style may look complicated, with this tutorial it’s actually quite achievable! Simply make a half-pony and attach your bandana lengthwise. Wrap your bandana around the half-pony like a rope braid, then coil to make an elegant half-up bun.

Ways to Wear Bandana Around Your Neck

Not a head accessory type of person? No problem, because the creative bandana wearing doesn’t stop at the neck–it continues! Take a look below for some fun options to style your bandana around your neck.

  1. Western Style

Image source: VerilyMag.com

Throw it back all the way to the good ol’ days with the cowboy-style bandana style. Better yet, swap out the old school red bandana for a funkier one. We recommend the Jumbie Art Bastet Bandana for this style, because the intricate designs can be on full display.

Image source: MoBetaGlass.com

  1. As a Scarf

Image source: Cosmopolitan.com

Go big with this style…literally. If you opt for an oversized bandana, you can easily fold it into a scarf. Elevate the look even more with a silky or satin-textured bandana and you’ve got a sophisticated take on the classic bandana.

  1. As a Kerchief

Image source: TheTrendSpotter.com

The kerchief option can give French vibes, hipster vibes, or rockstar vibes, making it an amazingly versatile bandana style. By simply wrapping and typing the bandana, you infuse color and make even a basic outfit feel intentional.

Ways to Wear Bandanas as a Shirt

Ready to get really creative with your bandana fashion? Upgrade your bandana from accessory to clothing item! This is one of the most fun ways to creatively style the bandana. Although many styles can technically be done with any bandana large enough, it’s always best to choose a bandana designed to be converted, like these jumbie convertible bandana tops.

  1. Triangle Top

Image source: Pinterest.com

The triangle top is the most iconic and simple way to style a bandana as a top. Simply tie a large bandana around your chest and rock your new crop top!

  1. Tie Front Top

Image source: MoBetaGlass.com

Turning your bandana into a stylish tie front top is easier than it looks. With a few careful wraps and twists, you can create a funny customizable bandeau. Adjust the coverage and ties to complete your outfit perfectly. Optionally, you can wrap the bandana around a bra to provide more structure and security. Just look how great the Jumbie Art Larry Bandana looks as a tie front!

  1. Halter Top

Image source: MoBetaGlass.com

Using either a large bandana or two pieces of string, you can create a whimsical halter top that fits you perfectly. Adjust your straps for a comfortable but festive look. We love how the Jumbie Art Guy Fawkes Bandana looks as a halter top!

Even More Creative Ways to Wear Your Favorite Bandana

The bandana might be a square, but that doesn't mean you have to think inside the box. Step out of the ordinary with these fashion-forward styles.

  1. Around the Wrist

Image source: JohnHenric.com

For a casually cool rocker vibe, try wrapping your bandana around your wrist. Whether you think of it as a bracelet or just another accessory like a watch, anyone can wear this style!

  1. As an Anklet

Image source: Pinterest.com

Showcase your fun personality by wrapping your favorite bandana around your ankle! We love this look for summer barbeques and other fun events. Just make sure to tie the bandana securely so it doesn’t go missing!

  1. As a Purse/Bag Accessory

Image source:MoonandLola.com

If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your ensemble but you’d rather not wear a bandana on your body, make it an accessory to your accessory!

Tying your favorite fun bandana to your purse or bag is the perfect way to subtly add a bit of extra personality to your look. For example, the Jumbie Art Owl Bandana can be worn everyday as a bag accessory without distracting from the rest of your outfit!

Image source: MoBetaGlass.com

  1. As a Pocket Square

Image source: JohnHenric.com

Who says bandanas have no place at suit and tie events? Keep it classy while adding a bit of flare by wearing your bandana as a pocket square. This is a great option for anyone wearing a suit jacket that wants to stick out from the crowd. Fun socks are great, but hardly anyone sees them! The advantage of this style is that the bandana catches the eye much more easily.

  1. As a Full Outfit

Image source: Skandimama

Can’t get enough of your favorite bandana? Show your love by sewing together multiples to make an epic bandana outfit. From dresses to jumpsuits, the options are limitless. You have to be willing to sew to achieve this style, but the high-impact result is worth it! The only question is: which bandanas would you combine to create your full bandana outfit?

Have Fun Styling Your Bandana

From head to toe, the possibilities with bandanas are endless. And the fun doesn’t have to stop here. Play around with your favorite bandana in front of a mirror and discover more new ways to rock a bandana!