How to Make the Most of Your Vaporizer

How to Make the Most of Your Vaporizer

Whether it’s your first time vaping cannabis or if you’re a vaping veteran, you can always level up your experience by making the most of your vaporizer.

Vaping already out-performs smoking when it comes to efficiency, and by following simple tips and tricks below you can enjoy a more robust flavor, increased potency, and pure vapor. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of your vape.

How Vaping Works

Before we dive into how to make the most of your vaporizer(s), let’s cover the basics. When you understand the unique benefits of vaping, you can better understand the reasoning behind our tips for making the most of your vaporizer.

Cannabis plants are enjoyed mostly for the compounds of THC, CBD, and various terpenes, which are responsible for cannabis’ desired mental effects.

Similar to traditional smoking, vaping heats up the cannabis in order to release these ingredients. Vaping, however, applies much lower temperatures (325-430 degrees Fahrenheit) than regular smoking (up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit).

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By heating the cannabis at lower temperatures, vaping avoids burning away the cannabinoid and terpene content before it reaches you.

The optimal heat level used in vaping is just enough to release the active ingredients that lead to a great high. Once inhaled, this pure vapor carries the important ingredients into the bloodstream to provide a high.

Health Benefits of Vaping

Cannabis can be consumed in seemingly countless ways–but it all boils down to three main categories: eating (edibles), smoking, and vaping. Each method provides its own unique set of benefits, and accordingly users each have their own personal preferences.

Although smoking is the fastest way to get cannabis’ active ingredients into the bloodstream, smoking any substance always poses health risks. Traditional cannabis smoking leads to combustion of the cannabinoid and terpene content, and toxins are released at the same time.

Vaping, on the other hand, creates a potent, pure stream of vaporized terpenes and cannabinoids. Vaping has been shown to introduce much fewer toxins to the body than regular cannabis smoking.

Types of Vaporizers

Thankfully, there are a variety of vaporizers available on the market. This means that new vapers and experienced vapers can find the perfect device that fits their exact need. The main two categories of vaporizers can be broken down into two broad categories: dry herb vaporizers and dab pens.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers turn your ground cannabis into vapor by heating it up. Dry herb vaporizers are all composed of the same basic elements. They all have a battery, herb chamber (aka the “oven” where the cannabis is heated), and a mouthpiece where you draw from. Depending on the exact type of dry herb vaporizer, the cannabis is heated (either via conduction, convection, or hybrid methods) to release vapor.

Dry herb vaporizers can also be separated by the type of heat applied to the cannabis.Conduction heating is the most common method where the herb is in direct contact with the heating element.Convection heated vaporizers pass hot air through and around the herb to vaporize it. This eliminates the possibility of accidentally burning the cannabis. High-end vaporizers combine the best of both worlds.

Within the category of dry herb vaporizers, different styles of vapes offer different benefits. For example, portable options like and the G Pen Dash Dry Herb Vaporizer fit comfortably in the palm of our hand for convenience.

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Other types of dry herb vaporizers include desktop vaporizers, session vaporizers, and on-demand vaporizers. Options can be overwhelming, but consider your vaping needs and you’re sure to find your perfect fit.

Concentrate Vaporizers

If dry herb vaporizers aren’t your thing, you may be a fan of concentrate vaporizers. Concentrate vaporizers (more commonly known as wax pens or dab pens) have tanks or chambers that are filled with cannabis extracts.

Cannabis concentrates are made by extracting the active compounds in cannabis.Concentrates are much stronger than dry herbs, making them an excellent choice for experienced users and/or medicinal users.

Due to the nature of cannabis concentrate, concentrate vaporizers provide more powerful vapor. These devices connect a concentrate to a vaporizer coil, turning the wax or oil into vapor as you inhale. Concentrate vaporizers offer a handy and subtle way to dab on the go.

Some manufacturers will try to commit to you buying their cartridges by designing their vaporizer to only fit their cartridges. Fortunately, universal concentrate vaporizers like the Yocan Universal Cart Battery provide freedom to use any cartridge on the market.

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For ultimate portability, dab pens cannot be beat. For example, the Lokah Seahorse 2.0 Electric Dab Pen fits into the smallest of pockets and handbags. Thanks to technology, the small size of the device does not mean that you need to compromise on quality or durability.

Hybrid Vaporizers

If you can’t commit to choosing either a dry herb vaporizer or a concentrate vaporizer, you can opt for hybrid options like the Pulsar Range Modular Vape. Although we always recommend using a vaporizer’s primary function, the pulsar range modular vape provides extra flexibility to choose your vaping method.

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How to Make the Most of Your Vaporizer

  1. Develop an Inhalation Technique

This tip is mainly for newbie vapers, but even pros can consider improving how they take their hits. First, keep an eye on your vape. After your vape reaches temperature, wait approximately thirty to forty seconds.

Next, set up the vaporizer by pulling a couple of gentle puffs. Then take your first proper hit by pulling on the mouthpiece until your lungs are filled with your cannabis vapor.

Level up your technique by using the “sip” technique. Use low, slow draws to get the most of your vapor. The best method will be different for each vape, so play around until it feels right. Start with six to ten second draws with a controlled inhale and experiment from there.

  1. Clean Your Vape Immediately After Your Session

Keeping your vape clean allows it to operate at maximum efficiency, providing the pure, potent vapor that you want. Cleaning alone isn’t enough; you should also sanitize after every session. Cleaning and sanitizing your vape immediately after a session is easier because after the vaporizer cools down the residue can hardens and sticks to your components.

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After every session, empty the oven or chamber when it is still semi-warm. Any used herb should also be removed with a small brush. Next, sanitize the vape by taking it apart and cleaning it with alcohol. Utilize cotton swabs and pipe cleaners to clean out the chamber and vapor path.

If you skip the cleaning and sanitizing step, residue builds up which leads to uneven vaporization. If you don’t manage to clean it after every session, make sure to clean and sanitize every two or three sessions at a maximum.

  1. Grind Your Cannabis for Vaping

Grinding is an essential step in achieving the optimal vape experience. By breaking up your cannabis to the proper consistency, you increase the surface area. Higher levels of surface area allow hot air to travel through the cannabis with more ease. As the hot air moves through your ground cannabis, it picks up the active ingredients to create a potent vapor.

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Greater surface area leads to more even burn, which generates more vapor with robust flavor. To achieve this perfect consistency, a grinder tool is essential (your hands won’t do the trick!).

  1. Dry Out Your Herbs as Much as Possible

The drier your cannabis, the better your vapor when using dry herb vapes. Dry cannabis is essential to make the most of your vaporizer. If the cannabis is too moist, most of your vaporizer’s heat is spent drying out the buds instead of reaching the perfect temperature.

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Hopefully your dispensary provides sufficiently dry cannabis. If not, you can finish drying them yourself. Place your cannabis in a glass jar sandwiched between two layers of tissue paper. Leave the jar out overnight. Any remaining moisture in the cannabis will have moved into the tissue paper and your cannabis will be ready for vaping.

  1. Pack Your Vaporizer Properly

A great vape session starts with a well-packed chamber. You can’t make the most of your vaporizer if you’re not setting yourself up for success! Depending on the type of vaporizer you’re using, the exact method of packing will differ slightly. Follow the general tips below and search for more detailed tips for your exact vape.

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Avoid overpacking or underpacking your chamber. Without enough cannabis in the chamber, there’s not enough surface area to generate the delicious vapor you’re looking for. Overpacking creates its own problems, as you’ll have restricted draw and limited airflow.

A solid guideline anyone packing a dry herb vape can follow is to over use just enough to cover your vape’s entire chamber screen. This ensures that every molecule of air you’re pulling comes into contact with your cannabis without overpacking. Make sure to spread the cannabis out evenly to counteract any hot spots in your chamber.

It’s a similar process for liquid pads. Simply coat a thin amount of concentrate over the whole metal pad without overfilling.