LockedBrands The Stack Can Voice - Activated

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LockedBrands The Stash Can Voice Activated

The StashCan is smarter (and way better) than the sock drawer, coffee can or bulky safe. 

Your valuables remain secure until you decide to open it via voice-ID or our free app, which means no keys or pins to remember. Plus, you can easily share access from anywhere. The StashCan is smell proof and has a built in Kensington anchor for attaching a compatible steel lock. Ideal for travelers, parents, anyone with roommates, teachers, Airbnb rentals, cubicles and more.

Secure your prescriptions, medicinals, keys, money. and other personal items.  This item includes one complete white Pillar: base with lid, USB power supply and cable.


  • The StashCan has a Kensington Click Safe Anchor built into its base that allows it to be secured with a Kensington Cable lock. 
  • The StashCan is made from very durable ABS plastic that cannot be easily broken.
  • The StashCan is sleek, small, and modern.
  • You can train The StashCan with one or two passphrases
  • The Voice ID has its best results in a relatively quiet environment
  • The StashCan does NOT: Record voices or any other noise in the room Transmit your conversation up to the cloud.
  • The battery will operate the Pillar for 4 to 6 hours if The StashCan is turned ON the entire time. 
  • The StashCan with the press of a button on your Apple Watch!
  • LockedBrands The StashCan, through IFTTT, can operate with Alexa and Google Assistant.