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Convenience, efficiency, and performance are at your fingertips with the Pulsar Rok Electric Dab Rig. Are you ready to experience the “dabbing of the future”? 

This dual use top dabbing ring can be used to enjoy both your favorite concentrates and flower, making it an extremely cost-efficient electric dab rig. With the Pulsar Rok, you have the versatility and ease to indulge in whatever your heart desires in the moment. Simply use the ceramic atomizer insert (and paired carb cap) with your dry materials, or swap it out for the quartz atomizer insert (and paired carb cap) for wax. The updated quartz concentrates coil provides increased surface area, resulting in better heat distribution and bigger clouds. Want to switch between ceramic and quartz atomizers in the middle of a session? A silicone band on top of the atomizer allows for safe removal at any time.

Standing at 6.75 inches tall, the Rok electric dab rig is designed to go wherever you go, effortlessly. The Pulsar Rok’s all aluminum body provides durability and a timeless finish without weighing you down as you’re on the go. Place your Rok in a Pulsar Rock Cup Holder Base, and you can securely take it with you to the sofa, in the car, and anywhere a cupholder can be found. 

The boro glass filtration base at the bottom of is specifically designed to withstand temperature shocks without shattering or cracking, ideal for a top dabbing ring such as the Rok which can heat up to temperature in about 30 seconds! This rapid heating time retains the flavor profiles of your concentrates to maintain the optimal experience. The base of the Pulsar Rok also includes a disc percolator that cools down your dabs while filtering them before inhaling. 

You can rely on the Pulsar Rok’s 1600mAh battery to hold enough charge for multiple sessions. When it’s time to recharge, the micro-USB charging port delivers unbeatable convenience. Thanks to the Rok’s top dabbing rig design, there’s no chance of water damaging your battery or other electrical elements. Adding water to your electric dab rig has never been easier or more stress-free! Cleaning this electric dab rig is also effortless due to the Pulsar Rok’s isolated airpath.

Customize your experience using the Rok’s three voltage settings, with temperatures up to 850 degrees. Activate the 30 second Rok Mode and the Pulsar Rok will hold your desired temperature constant for 30 seconds, allowing for back to back dabs. 


- Coilless quartz & ceramic cups
- Carb caps (for concentrate & herb) included
- 6.75" tall
- All metal body
- Boro glass filtration base
- 1600mAh battery
- Disc percolator
- Isolated airpath
- 3 voltage settings
- 30 second 'RöK Mode'

Why a Portable E-Nail?

Portable e-nails such as the Pulsar Rok Electric Dab Rig provide additional water filtration to water pipes for smoother sensations. Portable e-nails are known for being compact adaptable to your needs. Also known as an “e-rig”, portable e-nails almost always enable you to set the temperature to match your preferences and customize your experience. 


Pulsar Rok Non-Slip Dab Station: 

Worried about losing track of all of these crucial components of your Rok? Make your setup the envy of all of your friends while keeping your Pulsar Rok always ready to go with the Pulsar Rok Non-Slip Dab Station. The dock features non-slip tabs on the bottom to keep your Rok in place while providing built-in spaces for the carb cap, dab tool, and concentrate container. There’s even spots for cotton swabs and alcohol container! This certified accessory item is designed specifically for the Rok, so you can be confident all of your components will fit perfectly. 

Protective Covers: 

Never suffer the loss of your beloved Pulsar Rok portable e-nail by protecting it at home with the Pulsar Rock Protective Flexible Base and keeping it safe on the go with the Pulsar Rok Silicone Travel Beaker with Downstream Diffuser.

The protective flexible base is 3D printed from durable and rubber-like material (TPU) to create a perfect, snug fit around your Rok. The protectors come in assorted colors, so you can clearly identify your Pulsar Rok and protect your it from “accidentally” being taken home by a friend. 

Travel with your Pulsar Rok worry-free with this set. 

The silicone travel beaker completely covers the glass base with silicone for the ultimate on-the-go protection. The downstream diffuser comes in matching silicone material to create a beautiful complete set. A hidden 32mm silicone storage puck in the bottom makes this travel beaker the perfect adventure companion.

NOTE: The Pulsar Rock Electric Dab Rig cannot be shipped to Canada.